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Testimonials and Reviews Ė Auto Shippers

April, 2015

The vehicle I used for my business had to be transported for a job relocation for 2 years. I used AutoRail not only once but twice in 24 months, and as recently as this past month..I had the vehicle returned to my home base. I never once had an issue with them.. as I followed the instructions of the contract, paid in full up front and the vehicle was shipped both ways on time and with out any hassle.

I suggest that clients do read a contract.. They "AutoRail " Staff have knowledge of shipping procedures and I was aware that at times there are delays in shipments due to the industry being small as a whole in Canada..

It is my belief that some customers don't take the time to understand the logistics, that it takes to move not several but just one vehicle.

AutoRail provided me with an on time delivery,, updated me when necessary and delivered what they promised.

I don't mind providing a personal or email , confirming to anyone looking to use there service. I suggest that you contact them for my email and phone information and would be more then happy to reply.

Again, thank you to the staff and Owner for a pleasant experience

Thank You

L Radelich
Halifax Nova Scotia

April, 2015

Delivered excellent service
I contacted them because another company took my money and never showed up nor paid my money back. Gerry told me not to worry he will take care of it.

He kept his word, went out of his way finding a truck through a small city.
On time reassured me it's going to be done.
Even the driver Paul was excellent called me when they picked it up, called again before delivering it to the depot.
I would recommend them to anyone.
And if you need a reference call them for my email address or my number in Vancouver.

Thank you guys


N Thomas
Vancouver BC

January, 2015

AutoRail moved my vehicle from Blackfalds Alberta to Halifax Nova Scotia in the past month... I was provided excellent service... the rate was on par with other transporters, but the transit time was much longer .. AutoRail moved my vehicle in 8 days from Alberta to Halifax.

I was more then pleased with the level of service. I had a great experience and would surely use them again to move my automobile.

I would be more then happy to provide a reference by phone call, if you want.. collect my details from AutoRail.. and feel free to contact me directly.

Shannon Wilson
Liverpool Nova ScotiaC

April, 2014

Recently I looked into finding a transport company to move my brother's vehicle from London Ont to St John's Nfld. I really didn't know where to start to look, so I went all on-line, and found some big companies and some smaller companies that provided me with quotes, moving by either Rail or Truck.

Autorail was recommended to me by someone in Nfld and I checked the BBB Bureau, checked a few sites on-Line and went with my gut feeling of a company who I felt could do the job. I questioned the owner, about the auto transport business, as a whole, finding out later that he was correct, that all most all Auto Transporters get a bad rap and score low with ratings. He was right... from what I found out.

I was given a very competitive rate with AutoRail, and a transit time that worked for my shipment. Gerry worked with me on a constant basis as there were some hiccups on our end, and actually, the shipment arrived 10 days earlier then what was quoted. I was impressed to say the least.

I read the terms and conditions, and understood that the car may have to be driven to another site to continue the route, and understood that... signed and paid up front for the shipment. AutoRail did an outstanding Job, and kept me informed constantly as to the progress of the shipment. I thank the owner and staff for an easy transaction. If anyone would like to contact me to confirm that this is my statement, then I suggest that you contact AutoRail for my contact information.


Martha Chisnall
Pickering, Ontario

March, 2014

I Contacted AutoRail Forwarders last June 2013, to transport my classic vehicle from Halifax NS to Edmonton Alberta. I went on-line, and received several quotes from a number of companies that transported vehicles either by Rail, Truck or both.

I checked out several companies and found the owner of AutoRail to be very knowledgeable and went with them because I felt he and his staff new the level of service I was looking to obtain for the shipment of my older model vehicle.

AutoRail provided me with excellent service and a competitive rate and a transit time that they met and they hung on to my vehicle free of charge until I came to pick it up at my convenience.

AutoRail kept me informed as to the progress of the shipment, which wasnít all that important to me, however from time to time. I heard back from them.

Further this past March 2014 , I was looking to purchase another antique vehicle out of Northern Quebec. I contacted the owner of Auto Rail and he unfortunately was unable to move the vehicle that i was looking to purchase. Although the owner was unable to provide the service, I can say, that he provided me with positive feedback on a competitor, who I hired. Unfortunealy, I ended up not purchasing the vehicle. I do have to say, that it was pretty nice of the owner to recommend a competitor who he felt would provide good service in the Northern region that I was looking to purchase.

If anyone would like to contact me to confirm that this is my statement, may I suggest you contact AutoRail for my contact details.

Donald Symes
Edmonton, Alberta

Jan 5th, 2013

In Late December 2012 while visiting Florida, my Husband became ill and was in need of medical assistance and was required to fly back home immediately, Leaving our vehicle behind. I contacted Auto Rail to request the service of shipping my vehicle back to Canada. I was able to request a quote on line and received a phone call the very same day to discuss my delivery.
I spoke with Gerry , and Elizabeth who were more then helpful and provided me the cost and the time it would take to pickup and delivery the vehicle back to Halifax. Because I was attending to my Husband i was unable to get to the AutoRail office, however, Gerry was able to assisted me by coming to the Hospital to meet with me to go over the Details. Thanks Gerry...
Elizabeth and Craig coordinated the shipment with my friend in Floirda , and it was picked up the very next day and was delivered to me in early Jan. I was more then pleased with the service and would for sure use AutoRail again. Thank you guys for the convience and the quick delivery just prior to the busy Christmas Holidays. Sincerely,

Annette George Roberston
Windsor, Nova Scotia

January 3, 2013

Thanks for the quick reply and fast delivery of my 2007 Honda Pilot from Winnipeg to Edmonton in Early Jan 2013.
I called AutoRail on Thursday Jan 3 2013, and requested to ship my vehicle within a week.
I dropped off my vehicle on Sat to the terminal and the vehicle was delivered to edmonton on Monday, just 3 days later.
I was expectiong it by the end of the week and surprised that it was delivered within a shorter time frame.
So to say the least I was very impressed with AutoRail's service, and it worked out perfect. Saved me several days in a car rental.
Ask if I would use AutoRail again? the Answer would be most certainly,.. I will call them for my next vehicle shipment.. If any one would like to speak to me or email me, feel free to Contact AutoRail Directly and quote my order Id# 79931 and ask them to pass on my email or phone number for a reference.
Many Thanks to Elizabeth and Gerry who assisted me in the quick shipment.

Hany Asham
St Albert, Alberta

October 1, 2012

Cant say anything but positive!! AutoRail was a dream to work with in getting our car out West. I am functioning as a single Mom with 2 very young children since my husband has gone out West for work and Auto Rail was VERY accommodating in everyway. Our car got to Edmonton in I think 3 weeks or maybe less and was at a secure compound when it was picked up. Excellent customer services, which I must say is very hard to come by these days it seems.
I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you!

Stephanie Gaudet
Sackville, Nova Scotia

September 14, 2012

I would use auto rail again in a second, gerry kept in touch through the whole deal and was ahead of time on the delivery, with no damage to my car, all the way from Temple Texas to Bedford NS. Great job Gerry, Thanks Again

Halifax, Nova Scotia

September 28, 2012

I had my 2010 LandRover LR4 delivered from Florida to Vancouver Canada.. I was dealing with Elizabeth and Kate on the shipment. I was then handed over to deal with Gerry who was very knowledgeable , in the cross border transaction with Customs, Gerry was more then helpful and guided me in the right direction .
I have to say that these guys provided excellent service, and kept me up to date when it was necessary, for contact. I was very pleased with the delivery, and thanks to gerry who gave me the perfect tips on the purchasing process. He saved me on the first one which turned out to be a scam. Gerry Assisted me in taking the landrover to a dealer who did a complete inspection on the vehicle for $ 150. best money spent.. thats for sure.. Thank you gerry and elizabeth for the help..on my move, and purchase.
A Really big Thanks for a fantastic transaction..
If any of your clients wish for reference , have them contact your office for my email address.

John Foran
Vancouver, BC

November, 2011

I was asked by AutoRail to post a review for a shipment I had done in Nov 2011 All I can say is that we had very good service and dealing with Elizabeth was a pleasure. Gerry Contacted me over the weekend when the vehicle had been picked up. Gerry was more then helpful explaining the ins and outs of how vehicles move across the Country. I read other reviews and seems that some people are sour grapes and don't read there contracts. I can tell you that I contacted 6 other canadian Carriers and they don't even have contracts that you can sign.. AutoRail does have a contract and covers basically what all the rest say they do.. but one never knows..
AutoRail and there staff , provided me with excellent service.

Ron Burgendy
St John's, NFLD

Friday, Aug 13th, 2010

Dear Grant and Steve,
Just a note to thank you for the excellent service that Autorail gave me. You transported my car from BC to NS, the cost was $400 less than a leading competitor and you did the whole thing within 10 days, keeping me appraised and reassured throughout the process.
I will recommend your company to anyone who needs this service. Well done and thank you.
Tom Stevens

Tom Stevens
Nova Scotia

Friday, Feb 1st, 2008

It was just our luck that the Forces posted us away to Ontario in what was one of the coldest winters Winnipeg has seen in awhile, with temperatures as cold as -45C. We shipped our car with Autorail in the dead of Winter '08, all the way from Manisnowba to Belleville, Ontario. The overall move in the winter was not much fun, but we must say that the process was as smooth and as convenient as can be with Autorail. Communication via email was dead simple. Never once had any worries about the car and Autorail was always easy to get ahold of and friendly about any questions we may have had. We definitely recommend using Autorail to other Military families in their moves, and we'll definitely get in touch again for the next one!

Ken & Elisha M.
Frankford, ON

Friday, January 11th, 2008

I shipped my car with AutoRail from Calgary, Alberta to St. Johnís Newfoundland December of 2007. They picked up my car in Calgary on a Wednesday and it was in Halifax a week later.

I was even able to pick my car up in Halifax and use it on my Christmas holidays for two weeks before it proceeded to St. Johnís so I didnít have to pay for a car rental.

I dropped my car off again to them on a Friday and it was in St. Johnís Newfoundland on Monday ready for me to pick up!

Everyone at AutoRail was courteous and efficient. Whatever questions I had, they answered in professional manner.

They did a great job shipping my car and I would definitely use them again.

Thanks for the great service!

Henry Mady
St. Johnís, NL

Friday, November 16th, 2007

During September this year 2007 we shipped a new Honda Odyssey Touring from Red Deer, Alberta to Halifax for collection on October 3rd. The vehicle arrived with you on October 2cnd - We flew in from Calgary to Halifax arriving at 7.30 p.m. Your Manager, Steve Burley offered to come into your office and allow us to collect our vehicle that evening at about 8.30 p.m. as we were on route to PEI.

We wish you to know that we are very grateful to Steve Burley for this excellent service - and also thanks for washing the vehicle.

We expect to ship my wife's car over from Alberta in April '08, and will contact again before then.

Thank you for your good service -

Michael Dixon
Charlottetown, PEI

Saturday, May 7th, 2005

I recently puchased a 1927 Model T Ford and was having it shipped from Perkinsfield Ont. to Vancouver B.C. Not having done this before I had many questions & Concerns. Steve from Auto Rail was able to address these and keep me informed of the progress accross Canada. It arrived as he stated and on time.

Thanks Steve & Auto Rail for your assistance & Care,


Gary Bowles
Victoria, BC

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thanks again Steve. Your help and professionalism is greatly appreciated. It's hard to find someone as dedicated to the client as you have been, without being pushy.

Great Job!

Stephany G.
Nanaimo, BC

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I just want to let you know that I picked up my car on Monday without any problems. It appears to have no damage from the trip. While the trek did take longer than predicted I am very glad to have my vehicle and am, over all, quite pleased with your service. Thank you.

Andrea P.
Calgary, AB

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thank you for giving us an update on the shipment of our van to Newfoundland. I spoke with Scott and everything went smoothly. We appreciate the quick service and competitive pricing Autorail has provided for us and also in making this shipment a very easy process. We look forward to doing business in the future. Thanks again Steve.

Glen Monroe
Black & McDonald
Dartmouth, NS

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the great service Steve and Autorail extended to me. I was a little worried about shipping the car across Canada and then back again 4 months later but your dedication to customer satisfaction shone through. The entire process was painless!

Keep up with the good work.

Robert Sowah
Ottawa, Ont.

Friday, June 10th, 2005

Dear Steve,

I want to thank-you and the folks at Auto Rail for your courteous service and safe delivery of my car. Although we were working long distance, it was never a problem and you were prompt to return my calls and answer all questions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to others who need a car shipped.


Kelly MacKay

Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Hello Steve,

I can't thank you enough for moving my classic car across Canada with no damage. What impressed me most was how precise you were with the time schedule and the follow up. You provided me throughout the cars journey. It was a pleasure doing business with someone so professional and i look forward to future business.
Thanks again,

Chris Lutters
Williams Lake, BC.

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Hi Steve,

Autorail is without a doubt the safest, easiest most complete, cost effective and satisfying method there is to move your auto. The service is professional, personal and considerate. Steve arranged to move my vehicle from Victoria BC to Ontario. No hassles, no damage no issues, no concerns!!!!
Highly recommend this company. If you don't consider them you will be making a serious mistake.

Thank you Steve.

A. Selinger
Fordwick, ON