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Frequently Asked Auto Transport Questions

Q. I want to move my vehicle with an auto transport company but I wonít be moving for a few more months. How far in advance should I contact the auto transporter and arrange my transport move and how long will it take?

We suggest that you arrange your auto transport move with Auto Rail Forwarders at least 2-5 days before you wish to have it shipped. This allows you to arrange payment and allows us to begin coordinating your vehicle pickup with the automobile transport trucks or rail car. Of course, any additional time will be appreciated.

Depending on your location and intended destination of your auto, the transport time can vary between 3-25 days. When you fill out our auto transport quote we will contact you by email or by phone with the price and the estimated transport time. Sometimes delays can happen due to various reasons. Keep in mind that the transport trucks almost never take a direct, non-stop route and your vehicle will be one of many that the carrier has to drop off on route.

Frequently Asked Auto Shipping Questions

Q. Can I ship my belongings inside my automobile?

In Some Cases we allow this, so you will have to check with our office by email... however, due to the safety and security precautions that both the Canadian and American Federal Governments have implemented in this post 9/11 era, we at Auto Rail Forwarders, and other American and Canadian Auto Shippers are not permitted to allow any personal items to accompany your automobile shipment. At no time can we permit items to be shipped with your automobile. If you have any questions about this policy please feel free to ask, but we at Auto Rail Forwarders comply to all and any laws, policies, and regulations and can not make any exceptions under any circumstances.

Frequently Asked Car Shipping Questions

Q. What type of service should you expect from a car shipper?

When looking into getting your car shipped there are a few things one should look into. Priority one is service. Your car shipper should be providing polite, courteous service. Theyíre staff should be approachable, friendly and personable. If they arenít friendly and are hard to get along with, move on to another car shipper. This is a service based business and if they arenít friendly they donít deserve your business.

The car shipping company should also be easily and freely be willing to provide you with a quote. They shouldnít charge you a quote fee. We recommend that if they do, that you go find a new shipper. They should also have toll free numbers. As car shippers they should have a way to contact people across the country without any costs.

Remind yourself that price is not the-be-all-to-end-all. Some shippers may give you a great price with lots of hidden costs or add the taxes later. Auto Rail Forwarders will always give you the price to ship your car including taxes and fuel charge (additional credit card surcharge of 5% if required). No extra hidden costs! We also base our car shipping quote on
Terminal to Terminal but we do offer Door to Door Service if requested.

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Frequently Asked Vehicle Transport Questions

Q. How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

After making the choice to transport your vehicle you must prepare yourself and your vehicle for the move. Determining an appropriate location to have your vehicle picked up and dropped off is key. As some residential areas are too small for a vehicle transporter. A terminal-to-terminal move is the more common choice. As it is usually not inconvenient and costs less then a door-to-door move.

After youíve sorted out the finer points of the move with the transporter then you can look to preparing your vehicle itself for the move. Any exterior items that can be removed from the vehicle should be removed. Which includes sport mufflers, additional after market lighting, and if possible large after market spoilers should be removed. Though the occurrence of damage is highly unlikely, the correct preparation of your vehicle will help ensure damage free transportation services. Also you should inform your vehicle transport company if there are any tricks or special procedures to starting or entering your vehicle.

All personal items must be removed from the vehicle. This also includes anything you may have in the trunk or storage compartments in the vehicle. This policy is due to the increased security measures in Canada and also because anything that is exceedingly heavy could lead to damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle during transport. You should also leave at least 1/4 tank of gas in your vehicle while transporting.